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VDI 2320 - Draft

Continuous conveyors survey - Drag chain conveyors

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Übersichtsblätter Stetigförderer - Trogkettenförderer

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Drag chain conveyors are continuous conveyors for the transport of preferably granular to powdery bulk materials that do not tend to stick or cake and are not particularly abrasive. Typical areas of application for the trough chain conveyors described in this standard include agriculture, the food industry, the chemical industry, mining, the energy industry, and the cement, steel and ironworks industries. In addition, drag chain conveyors are used in various branches of industry as part of process engineering systems. The standard names the types, areas of use, properties, the resulting suitability for applications and calculation approaches for determining the size and the selection of the drive and traction mechanism, in order to provide information on a proper selection, design and dimensioning of drag chain conveyors in the material flow planning.

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