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VDI 2510 Blatt 1

Infrastructure and peripheral installations for Automated Guides Vehicle Systems (AGVS)

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Infrastruktur und periphere Einrichtungen für Fahrerlose Transportsysteme (FTS)

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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According to the guideline VDI 2510, automated guided vehicle systems (AGVSs) essentially consist of the following components: - automated guided vehicles (AGVs), - guidance control system, - devices for location determination and position sensing, - data transmission equipment, - infrastructure equipment and various peripheral installations. In planning and designing all components, the conditions prevailing at the intended installation site and the customer's interests must be taken into account. In particular, mind the following aspects to ensure that the AGVS operates as specified and in a reliable and fault-free manner: - requirements regarding the operational environment of the AGVs (environmental conditions, condition of the floor, layout of transport routes), - requirements regarding the navigation devices, - stationary load-handling equipment, - stationary equipment for AGV power supply, - stationary safety devices, - peripheral installations, building services (lifts, cranes, etc.). This guideline supplements the generic AGVS guideline VDI 2510 with regard to infrastructure and peripheral installations. This guideline is intended to specify and explain the requirements regarding the operational environment of AGVSs.

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