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VDI 2700 Blatt 18 - Draft

Securing of loads on road vehicles - Cargo securing of bulk materials in flexible packaging (bags, FIBC)

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Ladungssicherung auf Straßenfahrzeugen - Sichern von Schüttgütern in flexiblen Verpackungen (Säcke, FIBC)

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This standard applies to securing loads on multi-lane road vehicles in accordance with DIN 70010 in road freight transport. The requirements for securing loads in transport units in combined transport are described in standard VDI 2700 Part 7. Containers and swap bodies, as well as the goods contained therein, are considered cargo to be secured. The standard is aimed at everyone involved in the transport of cargo, such as packing, the shipping, vehicle driving, as well as vehicle owners, senders, and carriers. The application requires sufficient qualifications appropriate to the activity. Basic options for securing loads on road vehicles are described. However, the variety of loads and load securing options cannot be fully represented in the examples shown. Equivalent load securing measures or those that achieve better security can also be used as an alternative to those described. It is recommended that the suitability of the load securing options not regulated by this standard be demonstrated through appropriate investigations (e. g. tests, calculations).

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