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VDI 2742 Motion control systems with non-uniform translating mechanism - Benefits and implementation aspects

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Motion-Control-Systeme mit ungleichmäßig übersetzenden Getrieben - Nutzeffekte und Realisierungsaspekte
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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The standard provides inspiration and support wherever flexible solutions for demanding motion tasks have to be developed and combinations of motion control systems with unevenly translating gears may also be considered. This applies in particular to the development of high-speed machining and processing machines, but also to other areas of mechanical engineering. Following a comparative examination of the basic structure of electro-mechanical drive trains with a motion control system for drive control and with or without an integrated non-uniform transmission, the main focus of this standard is on the principle benefits that can be achieved by extending a planned motion control system with an non-uniform transmission with non-linear motion transmission. This is explained in more detail, broken down and illustrated with examples of principles. Only systems with the gear running ratio F = 1 are considered, i.e. those with only one drive motor. In addition, special aspects of drive dimensioning and drive control with regard to the combination of motion control systems with unevenly translating gearboxes are dealt with.

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