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VDI 2878 Blatt 3 Application of thermography to maintenance diagnostics - Machine and plant technology

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Anwendung der Thermografie zur Diagnose in der Instandhaltung - Maschinen- und Anlagentechnik
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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Today the infrared measuring systems which can be served simply and uncomplicated are available. An area of application is the examination of machines and technology-systems, in industrial and production companies as well as within infrastructure systems. These checks are carried out either by accordingly qualified and certified maintenance departments themselves, or are awarded to external service providers. The standard gives an overview of the range, the basics and the procedures of this application. The heat radiating from the surfaces of the examined objects is measured and its distribution represented graphically. The analysis of heat distribution highlights problematic areas, such as bad electric connections and conductors strained by excessive currents. The emitted radiation from the surface of the objects is measured and the temperature on the surface is represented graphically. The analysis of heat distribution highlights problematic areas such as in heat- and cooling isolations, mud cake or abrasives of material in pipelines, wear due to rubbing, overheating, etc. By measurements in piping- and container-systems can be recognised among other things also leaks and malfunctionings, filling levels, etc.

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