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Application of thermography to maintenance diagnostics - Equipment technology

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Anwendung der Thermografie zur Diagnose in der Instandhaltung - Gerätetechnik

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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Today, infrared measurement systems are available, which can be operated simply and easily. One application of these systems is the verification of machinery, industrial and manufacturing facilities and infrastructure assets. The standard is intended to provide information and enable users to define a provision suitable thermography measurement system. The conditions of the measurement tasks to be carried out require performance characteristics that are described in this standard. The description is not based on currently available thermographic (or measurement) systems, but on the measurement task. The tasks ultimately determine the required and necessary performance to the instrumentation technique and the instrument to be used. The modules and the selection criteria of the infrared measurement systems are described and explained in the standard. Fundamentals and methods are given based on the equipment used to estimate measurement errors, the calibration and also the reporting and the evaluation of the results.

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