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VDI 2887 - Draft Quality management in maintenance

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Qualitätsmanagement der Instandhaltung
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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Today's companies are faced with increasing competitive pressure in very dynamic markets. In addition, new information, communication and production technologies are changing the processes of maintenance. In addition, increasingly complex, highly automated and capital intensive manufacturing facilities, and growing legal and environmental requirements are currently transforming the value of maintenance within the enterprise. Maintenance, as a production support process, is of paramount importance in ensuring process and product quality. Thus, maintenance is also an essential factor to ensure customer satisfaction. In the sense of increasing plant availability, safety and reliability, as well as ensuring the value of the plant during its life cycle, the maintenance of companies is now regarded as adding value and competitive potential. To exploit the potential of maintenance, maintenance must be integrated into the cross-company quality management system as an active business process. Therefore, this standard presents a guideline for quality management in maintenance with selected examples and aspects.

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