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VDI 3209 Blatt 1 - Draft Deep hole boring systems with external supply of coolant

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Tiefbohren mit äußerer Zuführung des Kühlschmierstoffs (BTA- und ähnliche Verfahren)
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The revised standard presents in detail deep drilling with external supply of the cooling lubricant (BTA and similar processes) for the internal machining of metals. The standard offers for both the prospective and the experienced user of this precise high-performance process a comprehensive and easy-to-handle information basis. The updated preparation of practice-related information also contributes to this. In particular, cutting parameters (guide values) for machining are given for all relevant material groups for the various types of processes (e.g. solid, boring, reaming and core drilling). These were not included in the previous version. The reference values are an important aid, especially for work planning and for the machine operator. For example, initial values can be determined for the machining of materials that are still scarcely known during operation. The deep drilling methods BTA and ejector deep drilling as well as other methods associated with deep drilling (e.g. chamber boring) are described here. It deals with the practical design of tools, processing machines and necessary accessories. In addition, the standard provides diagrams for the cooling lubricant quantity and the cooling lubricant pressure dependent on the drilling diameter as well as the machine drive power. A comprehensive list of useful notes completes the reference value table.

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