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VDI 3356

Guide pillars with lead-in chamfer in large stamping dies - Supplement to DIN 9833 und ISO 9182-3

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Führungssäulen mit Einführungsschräge für Stanzerei-Großwerkzeuge - Ergänzung zu DIN 9833 und ISO 9182-3

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The guide pillars with which this standard is concerned are used in large-area dies and high-speed production presses. In practise, with the guide pillars used as yet, the heat development within the die set has resulted in jamming and with that to the pillars being pulled out of the die, despite the "r6" pressure fit. The content of this standard has been tailored to the automotive industry's special requirements for large and forming stamping dies and serves as a supplement to DIN 9833 and ISO 9182-3. The die designs are based on DIN 9833 and ISO 9182-3. In the larger diameters they do, however, differ in important respects.

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