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VDI 3357 - Draft

Sliding elements in large stamping dies

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Flache Gleitführungen in Stanzerei-Großwerkzeugen

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The standard was completely revised. Important notes on selection, installation and maintenance have been revised or newly included to make it easier for the user to decide on the optimum selection for his application. In the new edition, dimensions have been added and a new steel version with sintered metal sliding layer as well as cover strips with screwed-on sliding plates. In order to increase clarity, the versions have been combined in two languages. Information on the direction of sliding increases the reliability of the selection for the application. Furthermore the following has been changed: order designations have been updated and order code numbers removed; notes on technical design have been added; notes on maintenance and lubrication have been added; drawings include notes on sliding direction for different versions and materials; tables of sliding elements have been supplemented with the possible materials that can be ordered; information on cap screw recommendations according to DIN EN ISO 4762 for fastening has been updated; for the cover strip, with local solid lubricant, further dimensions have been added; added mounting of cover strips with screwed-on sliding strips. This standard was created for designers and toolmakers who have been tasked to design and build large stamping dies. Not only main assemblies are guided in these tools, but often slides are also required for trimming and forming operations. Cover strips, prisms, overflow wedges and slide plates are indispensable here. In the standard, the required sliding and guiding elements have been compiled in a predominantly low-maintenance design. It is widely accepted, not only by the leading German car manufacturers, and is also included in their specifications.

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