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VDI 3374

Punches with cylindrical head

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Schneidstempel mit Bund

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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Punches with and without ejector pin, punch retainers, pressure plates and stripper systems are used for piercing and cutting operations of sheet metal parts. It is possible to apply all standard geometries but also special geometries needed as cutting shape on the punch. Standard geometries are preferred for economical reasons. For mounting the punches with cylindrical head, all corresponding, commonly available punch retainers can be used. Pressure plates absorb the entire axial cutting pressure. Primarily for piercing with cams, it is possible to use polyurethane strippers that enclose the punch firmly, instead of steel stripper plates. For applications with higher loads, steel stripper systems may be used. This standard addresses designers and manufacturers. It helps with the correct design and dimensioning of punches with cylindrical head and the corresponding punch retainers, pressure- and stripper-plates in large stamping and forming dies.

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