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VDI 3382 - Draft

Manufacture of pressing tools for aluminium sheet parts and production of aluminium sheet parts

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Herstellung von Presswerkzeugen für Aluminiumblechteile und Fertigung von Aluminiumblechteilen

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For the first time, this standard describes the current state of science and technology as a standard for the user as well as proven procedures and knowledge for the implementation of the corresponding dies in tool shop and the production of aluminum sheet metal parts in the press shop. It applies primarily to the area of forming technology in the automotive industry. However, the principles and procedures described here for the forming of aluminum sheets are also applicable and valid in other industries which process aluminum sheets. The standard is addressed to tool shops, press shops and their suppliers in the field of large stamping dies. In addition, it is also valid as a guideline for smaller forming tools. The standard applies to thin aluminum sheets up to 2.5 mm thickness. The development and manufacturing process for dies for the production of aluminum sheet metal parts is described along the process chain. For the method and die designers, the basics for the correct method plan and design of the draw, trim, restrike and flange dies are described. Furthermore, the standard gives the toolmaker suitable recommendations for the optimal manufacturing and testing of these dies. The aluminum-specific topics in the press shop are also presented in detail. This applies to the procedure for selecting suppliers, material storage and aging of the aluminum material, cutting the blanks and operating these dies in the press shop, as well as their maintenance and repairs.

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