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VDI 3397 Blatt 3

Disposal of metalworking fluids

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Entsorgung von Kühlschmierstoffen

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The standard deals with the coolants and cutting fluids after usage. The standard discusses the disposal of used and unusable metalworking fluids, and residues containing oil. The universal application of the possible treatment procedures is in compliance with currently applicable legal rules (acts, ordinances, regulations) mainly for setting the goal to obtain recyclable waste. Based on that, the standard gives valuable information on how to establish an operational concept for disposal. The given water hazard potential of used and unusable water-mixed metalworking fluids demands treatment which are grouped under the term "emulsion breaking (or demulsification)". Analogue these two different main groups, the process routes differ for the treatment of used cutting fluids. The standard particularly provides information on the practice-relevant treatment processes "membrane filtration" and "vacuum evaporation" for used water-mixed metalworking fluids and provides information on the costs of the treatment.

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