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VDI 3405 Blatt 4.1 Additive manufacturing processes - Amendment to ISO/ASTM 52903-1: Material extrusion of polymer parts - Filament characterisation

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Additive Fertigungsverfahren - Ergänzungen zu ISO/ASTM 52903-1: Materialextrusion von Kunststoffbauteilen - Charakterisierung des Filaments
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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This standard defines characteristic values to be made available including corresponding test methods to be used for material qualification and quality control of filaments for material extrusion. This additive manufacturing process is referred to as fused layer modelling/manufacturing (FLM), FDM, or layer deposition, too. The packaging and storing of filaments, the specifications of the factory certification as well as the parameters influencing the material are described with regard to additive manufacturing. The recommended test methods and material specifications of this standard aim at material manufacturers to be used in factory certifications as well as to filament users in the context of incoming good inspection and process control.

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