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VDI 3405 Blatt 5.1 - Draft

Additive manufacturing - Legal aspects of the process chain

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Additive Fertigungsverfahren - Rechtliche Aspekte der Prozesskette

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The standard describes the process chain of additive manufacturing (AM) processes and analyses which legal implications must be observed at which stage of the process chain. In order to keep the description of the process chain and the associated legal questions compact, both technical and legal questions are discussed in advance, individually. On the technical side, these are the description of the process chain as well as the file types and formats typical for the respective process step. Building on this, the legal side discusses contract and liability law as well as intellectual property (IP) law peculiarities. Furthermore, questions of "ownership" of data and know-how protection as well as legal innovations with regard to reverse engineering are discussed. The standard is aimed at suppliers of AM machines, designers of components to be manufactured using AM, manufacturing service providers and clients for corresponding products and services. The standard helps to identify legal implications in the execution of orders and provides information for contract design that reflects the contract intention in a legally compliant manner. The standard is also aimed at lawyers who deal with legal issues associated with a largely digital production chain in general and with the specific features of the additive manufacturing process. The standard provides the necessary technical background to assess legally relevant technical aspects in a suitable manner.

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