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VDI 3416 Blatt 1 - Draft Machine hammer peening - Basic principles

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Maschinelles Oberflächenhämmern - Grundlagen
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Machine hammer peening is a manufacturing process for the mechanical treatment of the surface of a workpiece. The standard conveys the basics of this manufacturing process, by which residual compressive stresses can be applied close to the surface and an increase in hardness of the boundary layer zone can be achieved by work hardening and/or manipulation of the workpiece topography. The decisive parameter of the manufacturing process is the energy input into the workpiece, provided by the kinetic energy of the moving mass of the hammer head. The linear movement of the hammer head on the workpiece surface is characteristic. A distinction is made between machine hammer peening for surface smoothing, machine hammer peening for surface texturing, machine hammer peening for surface hardening and machine hammer peening for induction of compressive residual stress. This process makes it possible to replace time- and cost-intensive polishing work. Successful applications for this purpose can be found for example in the processing of body forming tools in the automotive industry. As a result of the use of machine hammer peening, the costs can be reduced by about 30 % to 50 %, within a possible reduction of the total processing time by about 30 %.

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