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VDI 3770

Characteristic noise emission values of sound sources - Facilities for recreational and sporting activities

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Emissionskennwerte von Schallquellen - Sport- und Freizeitanlagen

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Engl. Normenausschuss Akustik, Lärmminderung und Schwingungstechnik (NALS) im DIN und VDI
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This guidelines provides characteristic noise emission values for recreational and sporting facilities. This document describes the basic procedure, the recommended way of acting and requirements for the systematic collection, comparison and the application of noise emission data for such facilities. Noise emission data are given for football, hockey, American football, ice hockey, ice skating, skateboarding, open air swimming pools, tennis (fun)fairgrounds, public festivals, public viewing, streetball etc. The noise caused by users, spectators, loudspeakers and other relevant sources has been listed separately, if possible. This opens the modular treatment and if necessary the accumulation of all relevant and different noise contributions which can be assigned to the facility itself.

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