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VDI 3819 Blatt 4 - Draft

Fire protection for buildings - Requirements for fire control plans

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Brandschutz für Gebäude - Anforderungen an Brandschutzpläne

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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Fire protection plans evolve from the first draft through the building application process to the handover of the building and its subsequent use. The design of the plans currently depends on the authors and specifications of individual clients or authorities. A uniform standard is intended to reduce the diversity and ensure clarity. The fire protection plan represents the graphic implementation of the fire protection requirements. Due to different designs, the legibility of plans by different authors is not given. With this standard a default is proposed to reduce this variety. In addition, the standard can also be used to create fire protection plans for buildings without a fire protection concept. The recommendations of this standard are independent of the method of plan creation; they can be implemented for hand drawings, for IT drawing tools as well as for the output of drawings from a BIM tool. The requirements described refer to a finished plan (paper printout or pdf). For this purpose, minimum contents and qualities are defined in work phases; design recommendations are given; principles for proper planning, construction and safe building operation are defined.

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