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VDI 3822 Blatt 2.1.3

Failure analysis - Defects of thermoplastic products made of plastics caused by an unfavourable choice of material and by defects in the material

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Schadensanalyse - Schäden an thermoplastischen Kunststoffprodukten durch fehlerhafte Werkstoffauswahl und Fehler im Werkstoff

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Materials Engineering
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The standard describes typical cases of damage of polymer products resulting from an incorrect materialchoice and defects in the material and points out the mechanisms of damage in order to enable a comparison with own individual cases of damage. Hints are given to asses damage causes and to find the potential hypothesises and mechanisms of damages. The gained knowledge forms the basis for specific measures for a damage remedy and the avoidance of future damages. Individual single cases of damage are considered as well as series of damage cases within the scope of this standard.

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