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VDI 3822 Blatt 2.2.10

Failure analysis - Significant instrumental analysis methods for failure analysis of elastomeric products

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Schadensanalyse - Bedeutende instrumentelle Analysemethoden für die Schadensanalyse an Elastomerprodukten

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Materials Engineering
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The standard gives an overview about the instrumental analysis methods and their uses dealt with in VDI 3822 Part 2.2.1 to Part 2.2.9 regarding the damage analysis of elastomer products. The damage analyst must be able to identify the suitable analysis methods for a case of damage and has to know the potential of the chosen analysis method. He must be able to identify which kind of understanding can be expected by the chosen method in the present case of damage or with the help of which method a desired understanding can be met. Hence this standard is listing often used methods in the damage analysis of elastomer products, their abbreviations used in Part 2.2.1 to Part 2.2.9, and it defines the functional principle scarcely and explains exemplarily which qualities can be characterised with it. The underlying mechanisms of the damage are described in the concerning parts.

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