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VDI 3822 Blatt 2.2.2 - Draft

Failure Analysis - Defects on elastomeric products caused by faulty compounding

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Schadensanalyse - Schäden an Elastomerprodukten durch Fehler bei der Compoundherstellung

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The standard focusses on damages where the primary causes are based in the production of material mixtures, the so-called compounding. In general universally valid rules have to be followed in the stages of development and production of elastomer-compounds according to the later application case for the recipes and the compounding in suitable arrangements. Example recipes are described partly by the raw material manufacturers in the respective product-data sheets. There is only few literature existing for the formulation of recipes in order to fulfil the necessary chemical and physical properties for a certain product. Above all the know-how of the material development department is decisive to fulfil the specified properties for the application case.

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