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VDI 3823 Blatt 2

Vacuum coating quality assurance - Demands on plastics to be coated

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Qualitätssicherung bei der Vakuumbeschichtung von Kunststoffen - Anforderungen an die zu beschichtenden Kunststoffe

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Materials Engineering
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vacuum coating of plastics, including the corresponding pretreatment and after-treatment steps, determines the properties of the finished product in essential measure. However, the quality of the coating is a result of all of the previous production steps. When the individual recommendations made in VDI 3823 Part 2 are followed, the time required to provide coating services can be appreciably shortened, since preparation, coating and after-treatment can be performed more efficiently. For coating orders to be filled in an optimal manner, continuous communication between the customer and the coating service is an absolute requirement.

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