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VDI 3988

Solar thermal process heat

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Solarthermische Prozesswärme

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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In addition to the classic use of thermal solar energy in buildings for room heating and domestic hot water, there are a number of other applications such as space heating support, water heating in industry and commerce, the provision of process heat for the production, processing or refining of products or for the provision of services as well as the solar thermal support of near and district heating networks or air-conditioning applications. The standard describes solar thermal systems for the provision of process heat, heat supply for applications and processes in the industrial, commercial, agricultural and service sectors. The statements and results in this standard, however, apply in principle also for solar thermal systems for heating support in buildings, for solar systems for feeding in near-and district heating networks, for installations with concentrating collectors and systems with air collectors. The standard provides planning and design criteria as well as information on system technology and component selection. The standard thus complements the standard VDI 6002 for the planning and measurement of solar thermal energy.

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