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VDI 4070 Blatt 2

Sustainable management in small and medium-sized enterprises - Methods and examples for the practical application

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Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften in kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen - Methoden und Beispiele für die praktische Anwendung

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The strategic direction of an enterprise considering sustainable principles increases the competitiveness, innovative strength, and credibility among all stakeholders. In addition, practice shows that companies are not only able to address ecological and social aspects, but are also better positioned economically, for example through savings in resources, greater acceptance in the market and society or higher employee motivation. VDI 4070 Part 1 provided guidance and described a structured approach to systematically introduce companies to sustainable management. In addition, VDI 4070 Part 2 presents exemplary methods as well as proven and innovative instruments, and provides practical application aids and examples. The standard addresses public authorities, consulting companies, small and medium-sized enterprises.

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