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VDI 4082

Recycling of cars - Draining and preparation of vehicles for the disassembly

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Automobilverwertung - Trockenlegung und Vorbehandlung von Fahrzeugen auf die Demontage

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The standard shows the entire technical processes and organisational measures in an automotive recycling company. They range from collecting the vehicles through the draining and disassembly of materials and parts to the last recovery of the remaining vehicle bodies. The special requirements of occupational health and safety and environmental protection are taken into account for disassembly and storage. The standard addresses companies withdrawing vehicles from the market and recycling them in accordance with the End-of-Life Vehicles Regulation (AltfahrzeugV). The statements refer to vehicles that are to be properly recycled as accident-damaged or test vehicles or as end-of-life vehicles.

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