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VDI 4084

Corrective maintenance and remanufacturing of internal combustion engines - Terminology and processes

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Instandsetzung und Aufarbeitung von Verbrennungsmotoren - Begriffe und Prozesse

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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It has been difficult up to now to supply a precise specification of services provided in the field of corrective maintenance and remanufacturing for internal combustion engines as the relevant terms are not uniquely defined. Alternative terms in current use such as "replacement engine", "repaired engine", "overhauled engine", etc. demonstrate the terminological uncertainty prevalent up to now. This standard serves as a remedy to this situation. The standard specifies terms and defines criteria for the description of the maintenance and remanufacturing range of internal combustion engines. It shows how the scope of work is described and what services the customer can expect. The standard serves as a basis for manufacturers, experts, consumer associations, lawyers and end customers in technical and dispute matters. Liability issues are not covered by the standard.

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