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Planning, construction and managing of scrapyards - Facilities and equipment for the handling, storage and treatment of scraps and other materials

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Planung, Errichtung und Betrieb von Schrottplätzen - Anlagen und Einrichtungen zum Umschlagen, Lagern und Behandeln von Schrotten und anderen Materialien

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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In the German federal states various requirements are imposed relating to approval and implementation in what constitutes the state of the art as regards the planning, construction and operation of facilities and equipment for storing, treating and handling ferrous and non-ferrous scrap for the purpose of recycling. Within the context of approval procedures and in implementation these different requirements can result in distorted competition and to time delays in the case of investments. With regard to the state of the art, the requirements which are relevant to the companies affected are standardised and in addition a contribution is made for deregulation.

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