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VDI 4100

Sound insulation between rooms in buildings - Dwellings - Assessment and proposals for enhanced sound insulation between rooms

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Schallschutz im Hochbau - Wohnungen - Beurteilung und Vorschläge für erhöhten Schallschutz

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Engl. Normenausschuss Akustik, Lärmminderung und Schwingungstechnik (NALS) im DIN und VDI
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This guideline specifies in addition to E DIN 4109-1 three classes of sound insulation between rooms in dwellings, flats, terraced houses and semi-detached houses with the aim of protecting persons from unacceptable and disturbing noise levels. Higher sound protection classes are declared in order to achieve higher comfort in buildings from acoustical point of view. The fundamental change in comparison to the version VDI 4100:2007 is the application of weighted standardized level differences instead of the weighted apparent sound reduction indexes. That is a step from the sound reduction in consideration of an element to the sound insulation between rooms in consideration of the entire room. This VDI guideline is addresses to planners, architects, implementing companies, building enterprises/owners, users, investors and administrators/caretakers of buildings with dwellings and similar housing areas containing the technical building equipment (TGA equipment).

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