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VDI 4101 Blatt 2 - Draft

Sound propagation outdoors in consideration of meteorological and topographical conditions - Blatt 2: Wind turbines

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Schallausbreitung im Freien unter Berücksichtigung meteorologischer und topographischer Bedingungen - Blatt 2:Windkraftanlagen

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Engl. Normenausschuss Akustik, Lärmminderung und Schwingungstechnik (NALS) im DIN und VDI
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That Part 2 of the standard series deals with the sound propagation of wind turbines. It has been shown that DIN ISO 9613-2 does not cover the sound propagation of wind turbines with relevant features. Part 2 gives the user support which effects and in which way should be taken into account.

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