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VDI 4207 Blatt 3

Emission measurements at small firing installations - Measurements at installations for gaseous or liquid fuels with a firing thermal capacity from 1 MW to less than 10 MW

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Messen von Emissionen an Kleinfeuerungsanlagen - Messen an Feuerungsanlagen für gasförmige oder flüssige Brennstoffe mit einer Feuerungswärmeleistung von 1 MW bis weniger als 10 MW

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Engl. VDI/DIN-Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft (KRdL) - Normenausschuss
Technical Division Environmental Measurement Technologies
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This standard sets out the requirements for initial and recurrent inspections and the measurement of emissions and flue gas parameters by chimney sweeps at firing installations not requiring a permit with a firing thermal capacity from 1 MW to less than 10 MW according to the German Ordinance on Medium Combustion, Gas Turbine and Vombustion Engine Plants (44th BImSchV) and the German Chimney Sweeping and Inspection Code (Kehr- und Überprüfungsordnung – KÜO) and for use of the following fuels: liquid gas or gases of the public gas supply; fuel oil EL, methanol, ethanol, untreated vegetable oils or vegetable oil methyl ester. It applies to the determination of gaseous emissions, soot and any oil derivatives as well as to the determination of the flue gas loss and the inspection of the flue gas and combustion air systems of such installations. For measurements at existing installations according to Art. 39 Para. 3 of the 44th BImSchV to verify compliance with the requirements of the 1st BImSchV, VDI 4207 Part 1 applies within the framework of the transitional regulation. Moreover, it describes the installation- and operation-specific monitoring tasks to be carried out up front in order to ensure the proper execution of the emission measurements. This Standard also applies to the testing according to KÜO at firing installations for the following fuels: sewage gas, coke oven gas, mine gas, steel gas, blast furnace gas, refinery gas and synthesis gas with a volume content of sulphur compounds of up to 1 per mille; biogas from agriculture. This standard is primarily addressed to chimney sweeps who carry out monitoring activities in accordance with 44th BImSchV and KÜO, as well as to the authorities and authorised district chimney sweeps who are responsible for monitoring these installations.

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