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VDI 4499 Blatt 4 Digital factory - Ergonomic representation of humans in the digital factory

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Digitale Fabrik - Ergonomische Abbildung des Menschen in der Digitalen Fabrik
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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In the design of parts manufacturing and assembly systems, digital human models play an increasingly important role for allowing to evaluate future work systems in advance on ergonomic and time-economic terms. The standard describes digital human models within the scope of factory planning, especially the ergonomic workplace design, are presented and the significant legal aspects of human modelling are highlighted. The digital modelling of working people (humans) in combination with work items and work equipment in a working environment (i.e. with machinery, equipment, transportation, etc.) is described to analyse and to evaluate the ergonomic, work methodology, and time-economic aspects. The objective is the ergonomic evaluation of work processes regarding their feasibility and tolerability (as an assessment concept of ergonomics). From this, first assessments with regard to, for example, health risks may be derived.

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