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VDI 4520 Blatt 2 - Draft

Product management - Methods and tools in the phases of the product management process

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Produktmanagement - Methoden und Werkzeuge in den Phasen des Produktmanagementprozesses

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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In the development, production and marketing of technical products, product management is the central cross-sectional function in the company. It is responsible for the concrete formulation and implementation of the product strategy and the associated coordination tasks at the interface between customers, development/design, production, sales and marketing. In addition to VDI 4520 Part 1, this standard lists essential methods and tools for effective planning, management and control of the entire product management process from the observation phase through the development phase to the market phase. It also provides a detailed illustration of the entire product management process as a holistic, systematic decision-making and action sequence for strategic planning. The standard supports manufacturers of technical products and services in setting up or improving the product management functions in their company. With its help, an individual product management approach can be developed that encompasses the planning, management and control of the entire product life cycle for industrial goods.

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