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VDI 4610 Blatt 2

Energy efficiency of operational installations - Thermal bridges catalogue

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Energieeffizienz betriebstechnischer Anlagen - Wärmebrückenkatalog

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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This standard applies to thermal insulation of operational installations in industry and in the building services. The calculation of the total heat loss from an installation requires knowledge of the heat losses from thermal bridges. This standard provides pertinent equations and tables. Due to the diversity of component shapes and design types of installation-related thermal bridges, the thermal bridges catalogue is not exhaustive. Commercially available designs were selected for the various components such as valves and flanges. Installation-related thermal bridges like supports and suspensions have been limited to standard constructions. Special solutions cannot be covered in this standard and need to be calculated individually using the so called fin equation according to Annex B of the standard, or the finite element method.

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