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VDI 4630

Fermentation of organic materials - Characterization of the substrate, sampling, collection of material data, fermentation tests

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Vergärung organischer Stoffe - Substratcharakterisierung, Probenahme, Stoffdatenerhebung, Gärversuche

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The standard provides rules and specifications for tests to determine the biogas output of organic materials which serve the interpretation and operational optimisation of biogas plants. Thus, it gives comprehensive and practice relevant support for the determination of the biogas potential of organic materials. The standard defines essential terms to avoid misunderstandings. It presents approaches to the reader which allow a comprehensive characterisation of all organic substances used in practice. A common procedure is suggested for the sampling and sample preparation. Information is provided on the preconditions of how and which data on substrates are measured and what should be considered particularly. Furthermore, it describes the procedure for the execution of batch tests and continuous tests. It finally offers corresponding forms for a clear representation of the results.

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