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VDI 4675 Blatt 2

Balance-based averaging of inhomogeneous flow fields - Applications

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Bilanzgerechte Mittelung inhomogener Strömungsfelder - Anwendungen

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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This standard demonstrates the application procedure of balance-based averaging of three-dimensional and instationary flow fields. It shows the conversion of statistical temporal mean values of turbulent flows into balance-based ones and the selection of averaged values in order to clarify which values experts should take into account for the solution for a special problem. Three examples with calculated or measured flow fields are described and evaluated: the exhaust casing of a low-pressure steam turbine, the stage of a radial-flow compressor and an axial-flow turbine. It is shown how mechanical and thermodynamic properties can be described properly for a one-dimensional flow. Comparisons are made with conventional representations and the significance of inhomogeneity characteristics is demonstrated. A demonstration software program for plane averaging is described and provided.

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