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VDI 4682 Blatt 3

Principles for servicing work on heat and power producers - Gas and oil condensing boilers

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Grundsätze für Servicearbeiten an Wärme- und Stromerzeugern - Gas- und Ölbrennwertgeräte

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The condensing technology uses the heat that is generated as a measurable temperature of the heating gases during the combustion (inferior calorific value), as well as its water vapour content (superior calorific value). Condensing boilers are able to extract the heat contained in the exhaust gases almost completely and to convert them into heat to be used. The standard addresses oil and gas condensing boilers in terms of their servicing works for optimum operation. The servicing works on the condensing boilers are included in checklists in the Annex of the standard. The general interdisciplinary servicing works are listed in the checklist in VDI 4682 Part 1. The standard does not apply to low temperature boilers with a downstream exhaust heat exchanger.

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