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Factory planning - Planning procedures

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Fabrikplanung - Planungsvorgehen

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The terms and procedures defined in this guideline are applicable to the planning of factories for item-based production. The guideline is intended for planners inside or outside the company or for purchasers in factory planning projects. It supports a methodical approach to planning and an objective-oriented selection of planning services. It also shows how production-related factory planning and architectural building planning are connected during the course of planning and thereby improves their coordination as regards both timing and content. The technical terms introduced are intended to simplify interdisciplinary communication between all persons involved. In particular a general definition of "factory planning" has been worked out which covers all aspects of a methodical planning process from the setting of objectives to start of production. This basic definition has been supplemented by a systematic treatment of different planning types and reasons for planning as well as a classification of possible planning content on the basis of planning domains and planning levels. In addition, the guideline deals with demarcation with regard to neighbouring task areas. The core of the guideline is an up-to-date, methodologically based procedure for factory planning which has been developed in the form of a phase model. The factory planning process is subdivided into the seven phases of setting of objectives, establishing the project basis, concept planning, detailed planning, preparing for realization, monitoring realization and ramp-up support. These phases are run through sequentially and in some cases iteratively. At the completion of each factory planning phase, the supervisory organizational activities of project management are described. One special feature of the guideline is that it integrates the services of the architect as specified in HOAI Art. 15 "Project planning" into the factory planning phases.

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