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VDI 5208 Planning of energy- and material-efficient factories

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Planung von energie- und materialeffizienten Fabriken
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The standard provides companies with a guideline to create higher energy and material efficiency in production. The exact knowledge and the efficient design of energy and material consumption are of great importance, for example with regard to the increasing environmental awareness of customers. Companies need the exact data of their consumption in order to demonstrate the company´s awareness of their responsibility in dealing with natural resources. In order to meet these requirements, a methodological approach is indispensable. One of the foundations for this standard is the VDI 4800 on resource efficiency, which explains methodological fundamentals, principles and strategies of resource efficiency. The contribution of producing companies to increasing resource efficiency is increasingly due to the careful use of materials and energy in production. Therefore, the horizon of the standard is narrower and contains an approach to increase energy and material efficiency. The description is practice-oriented in order to provide a guideline for the implementation of the contents of the standard to applying companies. The planning process is based on VDI 5200. The standard is aimed at all manufacturing companies, both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large companies who want to increase their energy and material efficiency. For this purpose, a planning and evaluation procedure is developed in order to ensure an energy- and material-efficient factory operation. Consideration is given here to existing factories with their energy and material input and output. This includes installations in production as well as building services. Administrative buildings, for example, are not considered. The focus of this standard is on planning of energy- and material-efficient existing factories, which according to VDI 5200 corresponds to the planning type II (rescheduling), since this is an improvement of the ongoing factory operation. The standard is partly transferable to the planning type I (re-planning), provided that there is sufficient information on the planned factory and related energy requirements.

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