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Manufacturing execution systems (MES) - Energy management with MES

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Fertigungsmanagementsysteme (Manufacturing Execution Systems - MES) - Energiemanagement mit MES

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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Target of the MES task "energy management" is to plan the energy demand along the production process, detect, monitor, analyse, control and, ultimately, reduce it. Thus, MES creates transparency for the energy needs and energy inputs of production or even individual consumers and contributes to energy-efficient production. The standard describes how the energy management integrates into an MES, in which form it is supported by the MES, and which relationships to other MES tasks exist. Recommendations for practise can be derived. The standard shall be used primarily by companies working in the discrete manufacturing, especially corporate management, process owners, organisational development, production management and everyone involved in the selection and insertion process of an MES and to consultants, as well as providers of Software, in particular integrators.

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