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VDI 6002 Blatt 2

Solar heating for potable water - Application in students accomodations, senior citizens' residences, hospitals, swimming baths and camping sites

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Solare Trinkwassererwärmung - Anwendungen in Studentenwohnheimen, Seniorenheimen, Krankenhäusern, Hallenbädern und auf Campingplätzen

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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This standard deals with solar thermal potable-water heating systems. As a supplement to VDI 6002 Part 1, this standard gives consideration to the particular requirements applying to solar thermal systems for non-residential buildings. Case studies are described for student´s halls of resindence, homes for the elderly, hospitals, indoor swimming pools and camping sites. Detailed consideration is given to demand profiles on which the planning of solar thermal systems is based.

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