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VDI 6008 Blatt 6

Barrier-free buildings - Pictorial signs and pictorially used characters

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Barrierefreie Lebensräume - Bildzeichen und bildhaft verwendete Schriftzeichen

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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This standard gives recommendations for pictograms and pictorially used markings of barrier-free habitats. According to currently valid standards (DIN 18040, DIN Fachbericht 124, ISO/TR 22411, VDI 6008), information should be made available for at least two senses. Visual information is particularly important in noisy areas and for people with hearing impairments. For people with visual impairments, a clear, comprehensible and sufficiently large presentation is important. The pictograms and pictorially used markings for defined applications should be designed in such a way that tactile detection is possible. An acoustic supplement is helpful. The pictograms and pictorially used markings should be cognitively easy to grasp. Labeling in plain text alone is often not comprehensible, e.g. for people from other language areas. The standard provides a summary of the barrier-free design of pictograms and pictorially used markings. In addition to standards and other rules, the standard points out possibilities of barrier-free execution of pictograms and pictorially used markings in order to increase security, make information accessible and improve comfort. It takes into account the different needs of the user groups.

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