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VDI 6033 Blatt 1 - Withdrawn without replacement Avoidance of allergenic exposure - Requirements regarding the testing, evaluation and certification of technical products and components affecting the indoor air

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Vermeidung allergener Belastungen - Anforderung an die Prüfung, Bewertung und Zertifizierung von technischen Produkten und Komponenten mit Einfluss auf die Atemluft
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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This guideline specifies testing, evaluation and certification methods for the retention efficiency or separating behaviour of products claiming to be suitable for allergy sufferers. In accordance with this guideline, the qualitative result of these tests is summarised in a certificate. All tests and statements refer to the specified normal use of the products. This guideline basically describes techniques for the avoidance of pollutants and allergens, which serve to largely protect the consumer from contact with, and inhalation of, these substances. They will, however, not afford total separation of allergens or pollutants; the attention of the consumer shall be drawn to this fact by means of a suitable caution. Also, the retention of allergens shall not serve to derive any statements promising cure or regarding illnesses. The requirements regarding the protection of health, regarding hygiene and the avoidance of pollutants apply to all air-handling units and products. This guideline only deals with those appliances and products which are clearly labelled as being suitable for allergic persons. Other appliances and products are covered by other technical rules (see bibliography). The potential allergy risk posed by, e.g., moulds in permanently elastic joints or by products used out of specifications, is not the subject of this guideline. Also, all products of daily use and consumables whose use can be influenced by the consumer (such as foodstuffs, nutritional additives, scented products) are excluded from the scope of this guideline.

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