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VDI 6210 Blatt 9 Demolition of structural and technical facilities - Structural demolition analysis

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Abbruch baulicher und technischer Anlagen - Abbruchstatik
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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Structural and technical installations can consist of an ensemble of different buildings and supporting structures. When demolishing such facilities in their entirety or parts thereof, it must be ensured that the supporting structure of the building to be demolished does not fail uncontrollably in the individual demolition phases. The demolition must be carried out in such a way that public safety and order, in particular life, health and the natural foundations of life, are not endangered. Remaining parts of the building or neighbouring buildings or adjacent periphery must not be unacceptably affected by the demolition. The standard deals with the necessary preparatory and planning measures for structural safety depending on the respective situation and the intended demolition procedure. This standard defines basic requirements for structural engineering proofs and rules for the demolition of structural and technical installations. General information is given on the effects on remaining and adjacent structures. The evaluation of the load-bearing capacity and serviceability of these structural facilities is not subject to this standard.

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