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VDI 6211 - Draft Lifts - Ventilation and smoke evacuation equipment for lifts and lift shafts

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Aufzugsanlagen - Be- und Entlüftungseinrichtungen und Einrichtungen zur Rauchableitung von Aufzugsanlagen und Aufzugsschächten
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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Higher requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings and the resulting increase in the tightness of buildings mean that the issue of ventilation of lift cages and smoke discharge from lift shafts needs to be reconsidered. The specifications for lift systems are partly specified in national regulations. Special focus is placed not least on the ventilation of lift cages and lift shafts. In this context, potential CO2-concentrations are also considered. Furthermore, smoke discharge from lift systems is examined. The standard offers assistance and approaches to solutions for the resulting questions. This standard closes a gap in previously missing specifications, especially for the ventilation of lift systems. It provides all the important information, notes and recommendations for the correct design of the necessary smoke evacuation as well as the ventilation of lift shafts and cages in order to meet the protection objective of the safe use of lifts. The standard is addressed to manufacturers, planners and operators of lift systems and the parties involved in the process.

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