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VDI-MT 4075 Blatt 1.1 - Draft

Cleaner Production (PIUS) - Involvement of employees in cleaner production projects

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Produktionsintegrierter Umweltschutz (PIUS) - Einbindung von Mitarbeitenden bei PIUS-Projekten

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This standard is aimed at companies that want to convince their employees to engage themselves more actively in a more efficient and economical use of resources and that want to make use of their experience and know-how in cleaner production projects. The focus is on how the involvement of employees can be systematically organised under the respective company-specific initial situation. The involvement of employees is primarily understood as the active role of employees in optimisation projects - such as cleaner production - starting from the bearer of experience and know-how to the participant in the planning process to the executor in the implementation. Furthermore, it is also about informing and motivating employees. The active involvement of employees not only helps to tackle and implement PIUS projects much more successfully, but also to increase the innovative power, the corporate culture and the motivation of the employees in the company.

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