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Experts in automotive and road transport - Accident analysis

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Sachverständige für Kraftfahrwesen und Straßenverkehr - Unfallanalyse

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Fahrzeug- und Verkehrstechnik
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Starting with the first appearance of motor vehicles, a system of legal regulations and further safety measures was created by the German Government to ensure road safety. In this system, experts in automotive and road transport play an indispensable and safety-critical role, for example by carrying out technical vehicle inspections and driving licence examinations. Furthermore, they analyse and reconstruct traffic accidents, and last but not least, they assess and evaluate vehicles and vehicle damage. These examples show the great diversity and the high social significance of the range of activities of experts in automotive and road transport. The standard specifies the competences and requirement levels that accident analysis experts should possess after completing their (authorisation) training. The standard is addressed to experts in automotive and road transport who focus their work on the field of accident analysis.

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