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VDI/AMEV/BVS/DVQST-EE 6023 Blatt 1.1

Hygiene in drinking-water installations - Drink dispensers and vending machines connected to the drinking-water installation

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Hygiene in Trinkwasser-Installationen - Leitungsgebundene Getränkespender

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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The expert recommendation is addressed to operators of drinking water installations and their subcontractors (e. g. contract installation companies, facility service providers). It provides recommendations for all devices, apparatus and fittings connected to the drinking water installation that change the drinking water present at their connection points, e. g. by heating, cooling, carbonising, adding concentrates or extracts, in such a way that it no longer corresponds to liquid category 1 according to DIN EN 1717, Table B.1, including all associated components as well as any existing devices that influence the water quality. It describes the necessary measures for the connection of beverage dispensers or water dispensers to the existing drinking water installation, the operation and the necessary hygiene controls in order to meet the requirements of operational safety and to provide legal certainty to the operators and owners. The responsible personnel and, if applicable, the users of the beverage dispenser must be instructed in its operation and the device must be regularly inspected and maintained.

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