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VDI/BS-MT 2552 Blatt 8.1

Building information modeling - Qualifications - Fundamental knowledge

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Building Information Modeling - Qualifikationen - Basiskenntnisse

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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Buildings are getting technically more complex and the available computer technology more efficient. The building information modeling (BIM), including the linking of resources and schedules, provides available methods that can limit potential risks to quality, costs and scheduled deadlines for construction projects. This standard serves for quality assurance of basic and advanced training and further development by describing skills, qualifications and course content, as well as the framework conditions for basic and advanced training and further development. The standard addresses all partners in the value chain of planning, building, operation and management in order to be able to conceive, organise and implement comparable competencies and contents for basic and advanced training and further development.

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