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VDI/BV-BS 6206 Blatt 10 Buildings constructed with reusable pre-assembled room units in steel frame construction - Implementation of regulatory requirements of the Model Building Regulation (MBO)

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Gebäude aus vorgefertigten wiederverwendbaren Raumzellen in Stahlrahmenbauweise - Bauartspezifische Umsetzung von Anforderungen der Musterbauordnung (MBO)
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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This standard evaluates examples from building permit procedures that take into account the requirements of buildings made of reusable pre-assembled room units. It is based, on behalf of the regulations of the 16 state building codes, on the construction-specific features of the specifications from the Model Building Regulation (MBO). It primarily considers buildings with a limited useful life of building class 1 to building class 3. Target groups of this standard are planners, architects, engineers, builders, operators, authorities, manufacturers, component manufacturers, contractors, and service providers active in the field of mobile buildings.

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