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VDI/VDE 2617 Blatt 12.2

Accuracy of coordinate measuring machines - Characteristics and their testing - Acceptance and reverification tests for optical CMM measuring microgeometries according to DIN EN ISO 10360-8 and VDI/VDE 2617 Part 6.2

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Genauigkeit von Koordinatenmessgeräten - Kenngrößen und deren Prüfung - Annahme- und Bestätigungsprüfungen von Koordinatenmessgeräten zum optischen Messen von Mikrogeometrien in Anlehnung an DIN EN ISO 10360-8 und VDI/VDE 2617 Blatt 6.2

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Engl. VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik
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This standard describes procedures for testing the performance of optical coordinate measuring machines of different types and models for the measurement of microgeometries. Microgeometries are understood to be geometries with dimensions from a few µm to approx. 1 mm. The parameters described in the standard serve to specify coordinate measuring machines and to compare different coordinate measuring machines. It covers coordinate measuring machines with optical distance sensors for the measurement of microgeometries which, due to their characteristics, cannot be tested with the methods and measuring standards described in DIN EN ISO 10360-2, DIN EN ISO 10360-5, DIN EN ISO 10360-8, and VDI/VDE 2617 Part 6.2. Thus, the standard covers not only classical coordinate measuring machines with optical sensors, but also measuring instruments with mostly small measuring volumes that often contain an optical distance sensor that measures over an area. A prerequisite is that these measuring devices offer the possibility of using adjustment units during the measurement to capture different individual views, which are then merged into one data set. The standard is intended for manufacturers and users of coordinate measuring machines.

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